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The Psychosaurus introduces itself:

I think poetically and did not become the victim of a biofant. These alien fanten illegally enter from space in the dark and use their long proboscis to suck the sleepy people's imaginations out of their brains. I only reluctantly use words that others have already said. I find that unsanitary. That's why I often come up with new words, which creates the problem that nobody understands me anymore. Consequently, I have to use used words again, which the German vernacular has only formed imprecisely. Language can speak because it houses the general images of existence. The main thing in language is to give the pictures of the world a home. It is tragic when a person follows the words of the language and then thinks this is thinking.Real thinking actively shapes language. Language is the I of a psychosaurus, it is its center. The world really comes alive in language, because speaking means: creating the world. In the beginning was the word!

a conversation

Mole: Tell Psychosaurus what this book is about


Psychosaurus: In this book, the language speaks itself. And there

Language speaks everything, so this book has every topic.

Duck: A personal question: what's the difference between

the Psychosaurus and the Carsten?

Psychosaurus: I don't want to talk about that, the topic is stressful

me totally.

Duck: It's bent, dude!

Mole: This book is obviously one

automatic translation!

Psychosaurus: So it is.

This increases the bizarre beyond measure.

The language says more than a thousand words.

Giggle: If I want to write to Carsten, he has it too

an online or something?

Psychosaurus: At the moment he has the email address

carsten-stemm@web.de and he also has his own online.

Werewolf: Sunt reprimat de această carte!

Giggle: I don't understand a word, not even the train station.

Rabe: You don't have to understand everything. It is sometimes enough to get away from

let the words carry through the irrational.

Detlef double dooid

Detlef Doppeldoid cannot think properly with both halves of the brain. Detlef thinks faster than light, which leads to space-time swellings in his logosphere. Then he swaps right with left, in with out, and gross with net. He doesn't know if you go in or out of a room. It is bad about Detlef Doppeldoid: the other day he thought people were people. Detlef also cannot remember the difference between Albert Einstein and Konrad Adenauer. Detlef wonders: aren't '' the same '' and '' the same '' the same? Sometimes Mr. Doppeldoid also makes spelling mistakes in the context of the situation. If he is completely confused, Detlef even remembers the future.

Detlef says:

'' Whenever I no longer know who I am, I look at my identity card: I also have my own number there; a number, all for me alone, just for me. Unique and unmistakable. The state loves me. But does that help me? Who is behind the name Detlef Doppeldoid? And what does a small plastic card prove? It is easy to forge plastic cards. You can fake everything today. You can even fake an identity. I am becoming very flowery. ''

Speaking bunny

The rabbit that can speak is called the speaking rabbit. The speaking rabbit eats when speaking and speaks when nibbling. Word roots are not unknown to him. He is currently consuming love. Love is just a word to him, mugg, mampf. You can eat love without eating, that is wisdom of the hare.

There are ducks!

The biologist is interested in the feathers of the ducks, the ontologist is interested in the being of the ducks. Who gives the ducks? Answer: The 'it'. 'It' and giving result in being. Alternatively, one could answer the question as follows: evolution gives ducks, duck eggs give ducks, duck sex gives ducks, God gives ducks. It's raining. One should actually say: The cloud is raining. This 'it' is not even up to God, because it means: There is a God. That in turn means: The 'It' is greater than God. Another conclusion would be: The 'It' is the real God who gives God first. There are ducks. One does not say: it takes ducks. Giving is happier than taking. Giving is probably more ontological than taking. The 'it'is so unclear that you can no longer see its fog. As a result, you no longer think about where the ducks actually come from. The 'it' is deceptive. It pretends to be knowledge. If we no longer know that the cloud is raining, then 'It' is raining. The negation also gives the 'it': '' There is no Elwititsche! '' Who can only be this 'it' who is able to give these non-ducks?There is no Elwititsche! '' Who can this 'it' be that is capable of giving these non-ducks?There is no Elwititsche! '' Who can this 'it' be that is capable of giving these non-ducks?

Goldmarie and Pechmarie

Once there was a motivational trainer who had two daughters, both of whom were named Marie. One was hardworking, the other lazy. One day the hardworking woman came to a well that said:

''No drinking water!''

'It's only there for legal reasons,' thought the thirsty woman. The girl drank from the water and accidentally fell into the fountain, causing her to lose consciousness. At some point she woke up in an area completely unknown to her.

An old woman stood at the window of a house in need of renovation and shook her pillow out. Ms. Holle, as the tenant was called, said to the girl: "Competent nurses for the elderly like you are rare these days, there's a lot of work for me." And because the hardworking woman was so keen on work, she did the housekeeping for Ms. Holle.

After a while, however, the girl became homesick and expressed the desire to be allowed to return home. Frau Holle granted her this wish. The old woman led the girl to a gate through which she should go. As the hard-working woman walked through the gate, it was raining down on her from the top, dioxin-contaminated pitch that no longer came off her skin. The girl said: '' Fucking bullshit! I will take my revenge bitterly on fate. I study mathematics and do my PhD on paradox theories. ''

When the mother saw her daughter smeared with pitch, she called her child Pechmarie. For reasons of social compensation, the mother now also sent her lazy daughter to the well. It happened almost the same. Only her second daughter came to another house in which a certain woman lived, instead of Ms Holle's house.

After ten minutes of work, the lazy girl's work discipline waned considerably. Ms. Hell said: 'At your age I was pretty lazy too. I don't even have a secondary school leaving certificate. We are now running towards a Château Mouton-Rothschild 1945, which my son-in-law stole himself.

Fortunately, the whole basement is full of it. '' After a week-long binge drinking, the lazy also got homesick and wanted to be left home. Frau Hölle led her to the same gate through which Pechmarie had passed. When the lazy girl went through the gate, it was raining gold on her. Now the girl was a lot more valuable, because the gold could not be removed either. When she got home, she was called Goldmarie by her mother. Out of anger at the injustice of life, the mother left the church and went to a secular judgment. Pechmarie later became the first professor of logic with dioxin scars on her face. Her life was completely botched. Goldmarie, however, lived happily ever after. > Happy ending

Sheep's cheese

Shepherd: Tell me, what kind of book are you carrying under your arm?

Wolfgang: One of your sheep gave me the book for my birthday. Its title is: Make sheep cheese yourself!

Shepherd: Is that supposed to be a joke?

Wolfgang: Jokes are not to be trifled with. I am never joking. Whoever jokes is just too cowardly to be serious. I was never kidding. And if anyone does laugh, I punch my ass in the mouth.

A sheep: Excuse me if I interfere, but I'm genetically modified, so I can talk. Is there a new tax on sheep cheese soon?

Another sheep: I too am a genetically improved product of the Creator, and I tell you: Men are like women, only the other way around.

Wolfgang: I always thought it would be different!

Shepherd: I get dizzy from such complicated conversations. .. Ah, look who's coming! He's limping!

Wolfgang: Then it can only be a comparison!

Shepherd: Why is that?

Wolfgang: Because you always say: every comparison lags!

a shorn sheep: meaning is always ambiguous. So the speaker quickly promises himself in his speech. The double German is a Lapsus Freudianikus, the leak in the too smooth self-portrayal.

Wolfgang: What kind of chatter is that?

Shepherd: The sheep studied. Psycholinguistics or something.

(The limping has now arrived at the discussion group.)

Limping: You are after me. My stolen trade

Plutonium from Russian nuclear power plants has been blown up!

Shepherd: Don't do things, Otto!

Sheep: can you eat plutonium?

Shepherd: Not all sheep have studied!

all sheep together: Mähhhh!

Otto: I have only one way out: suicide!

Wolfgang: I would have an alternative way out. I know a good magician at the circus. He suffers from an allergy, but he's technically fine.

Otto: Who is this magician?

Wolfgang: He is everything you think he is, because he has a lot

Planets in the seventh house, including Pluto.

Otto: I don't believe in astrology!

Wolfgang: But the stars believe in you!

Otto: Fine, I want to try it, because I have nothing left to lose. I am enchanted in a rabbit and write my name backwards so that nobody recognizes me.

Shepherd: great thing! Now that's a really happy ending!

In need, the apple eats pears.


Monkey: Good afternoon, weird eye, you have oblique eyes.

Weird eye: And you're a monkey, you monkey.

Monkey: I have a stick of dynamite here.

Who do we put them in the ass?

Weird eye: Of course! At TNT I don't say no!

You brilliant monkey, you deserve the Nobel Prize!

(The monkey shoves the slant in the dynamite's ass and lights the fuse. After nerve-wracking seconds of waiting, there is a violent detonation: dust, debris and remains of meat cover the location of the explosion.)

Monkey: cool! It crashed!

There are no counts or paragraphs for us animals.

Now we’re going to eat a banana. Haha!

Steel chick

Once there was a small squeaky car that drives through plump and mild nature. The wagon moves, it is pulled by a horse. A vehicle that no longer drives today. When the companion started to be driven by the motor, the trolley became steel, when the trolley was still being pulled, flowers bloomed and the water rustled. The secret of life lived in the mill wheel, here the wheel ran in the water. The automobile was the birth of the steel girl. The sky stretches, the sky stretches, he is excited. Steel chick shoots into the sky with a defense cannon. It is World War II, a senseless attempt by steel to become a horse again. Steel chick is now a horse herself, so she wears a ponytail. Horses are really elegant,as you no longer know elegance in the age of steel. Plastic is also steel. Everything that is not pulled by the horse is steel. You get awe of a beauty who is not a fashion doll.

More space

A multi-room is a room that is larger inside than outside. The multi-cupboard, for example, looks like an ordinary bedroom cupboard. But if you have to hide in the cupboard if necessary, you will be amazed to find that there are entire galaxies in the cupboard. And these are not hallucinations as a result of a lack of oxygen. The world is full of holes in reality. And there are more and more.


Danger threatens you. The accident has not yet struck. But it could strike in the future; that's a risk. Life is insecure. You don't know if life will be broken the next moment. Danger is at the door, danger is unpredictable, it can become a nightmare. Predators are dangerous; Capitalists too. It is dangerous to lay power cables in a tub full of water. Getting married is risky too. Life insurance, on the other hand, promises protection: if you've lost a life, you'll get a new one. But beware of insurance fraud: insurance companies cheat a lot!


Thinking wanders in the land of meaning. The ways of thinking run into the forest of knowledge. His hike makes thinking more difficult and eventually merges with his trees of thought and his dream snow.


Fred sees a god on cell phone on Olympus:

Fred: Hello God!

How long have the gods been using a cell phone?

God: yes mei, you just adjust. I could also communicate telepathically with my colleagues, but we gods want to make people understandable.

Fred: So, I don't understand it!

Egg heads

Brain wizards are the rabbits of pneumatic agglation. They are also called egg heads. Your neurolants are not very supple, but they are very long. Throw bare walnuts on their bald heads because they contain a lot of brainwax. Neurolants are the rods of the mind. Neurolants can also be the trunks of trees through which you can no longer see the forest for the sheer number of them. But actually Neurolanten are the chopsticks for eating intellectual sushi.

Some brainwaves are called philosophers. Philosophy thinks without drinking, it is light without love. In the desert of knowledge, the thinker can joke badly. Cacti never laugh. Philosophy is as hard as old cheese. Philosophers on the path to healing are beginning to write poetry.


Fred: You know what Detlef, I was promoted to demigod.

Detlef: Really?

Fred: It's like that! I can now find an answer to every question, if only imprecisely, but I can find out the answer.

Detlef: Who promoted you?

Fred: The big boss!

Detlef: Aha!

Fred: I'm just demigod. I'm not immortal yet, but I'm working on it.

Detlef: Mm, do that.

Fred: I finally know, for example, why the banana is crooked.

Detlef: Yes, why then?

Fred: She longs for unity, the banana wants to go back to paradise, she would like to be a circle, but the Fall forbids her, only her strength extends to the curve.

Detlef: What a demigod knows!


The term '' spirit '' is a very lonely word. The word has to explain so many things. Intelligence chops stones; the mind connects. Spirit illuminates the parts of the world like a sun and gives them a shape. The mind is the image for things. Mind dresses the smallest particles with more. The mind can think, intelligence can only think or combine.

cause and effect

A billiard player hits a ball with his stick, which in turn hits another ball. This thinking of cause and effect is the basic logic of science. Logic justifies it, it doesn't explain anything. The free will of the billiard player is completely hidden in this world view. The causes are dull animals, almost bulls. Causes convince through energy, not through meaning.


Fred: I believe in logic. The entire cosmos is logically structured. However, women are not part of the cosmos. Logical thinking enables you to get to every puzzle. You just have to put a lot of effort into thinking.

Arnold Heitermann: Logic does not advance us in knowledge. An example: There are three crows sitting on a fence. A bird killer comes by and shoots one of the birds.

Arnold: How many birds are still on the fence now?

Fred: There are two crows sitting on the fence.

Arnold: Wrong! There is still a crow on the fence!

Fred: It's completely illogical!

Arnold: That is logical. The shot bird fell dead to the ground. The second crow was startled by the loud bang and immediately flew away. The third crow was terrified by the bang and remains the only bird to sit.

Fred: This case seems very constructed to me, but it is logical.

Arnold: Well, you can explain everything and nothing with logic.

Fred: First of all, afterwards.

Arnold: Yes, always afterwards.

However, the reality was there before.

Fred: What if five crows had suddenly sat on the fence after the shot?

Arnold: Then a few life-tired crows would have sat in the hope of being shot too.

Fred: Really great, what is logical.

Arnold: You can explain everything with logic, even the illogical.

Fred: Man, man, I really have to think about it.

Arnold: But please stay strictly logical!

Fred: Um ... yes ... so ...


Socrates: What do you look like shit again this morning, Plato!

Plato: Shut up, ass!



A bullet is terribly constricted in itself. It would have the desire to give birth if it were ignited. But nobody ignites them. The ball remains dull like mud and does not know each other. Why do balls roll? They roll the way, but do not change their shape. Ultimately, they are rolled over by the movement. Bullet remains bullet. Now I remember: bullets are female!

(in) perfect

The dog itself is the idea of ​​a dog. Does the idea of ​​a dog look like a dachshund, a golden retriever, a sheepdog, or even a poodle? We know what a circle looks like in itself. There is only one circle and it is completely round. Triangles already make it more difficult: What angle does the idea of ​​a triangle have? The circle is the only idea that can be drawn exactly. You cannot draw the dog itself, only a specific dog. The circle itself can be drawn. Should we worship the circle? Is there any "in itself"? Things only show up “for me”? - The perfect in reality would be too imperfect for life. Life needs a corner in a circle or a hole in a square. The perfect exists only as an ideabecause in reality the perfect cannot exist. The circle has corners in the perfection of life. A chestnut is an angular ball. It fruits in imperfect perfection as perfect life. Nevertheless, a chestnut tree is somehow sick. Why this? Only the hedgehog knows that!


A circle cannot breathe. Nowhere does he have a hole through which he could breathe. The circle itself can be seen as a hole. Is the circle the gateway to another world? I can't check that because the circle doesn't let me in. It's just too closed. One should not deal with such types. The circle doesn't talk to me, it will always remain mysterious. The circle probably doesn't even have anything to hide: it is naive, boring and empty. - The round is the color of the circle. This color is very rare and has no name. The easiest way to name the color is '' colorful ''. The round can go on an adventure without a circle and an arc. Life itself is an adventure. Today the group thinks something new. But the round is so oldthat his thinking of the new can never produce madness. However, philistines never hang around. It's too bumpy for that. The group wanted to become a circle and asked the job center for a retraining. The clerk was a square. It ended badly.

The apple thinks and pear guides.

Hitting is awesome

Striking is the most universal verb there is. Hitting is really awesome. This activity was already fully developed in the Stone Age. You can open your eyes, a book alike. Look up in the duden, smash the window, or punch someone in the face. Musicians make noise with the drums. The blow hits you. The 1.FC meniscus beats the Rosenheim flat feet 2-1. Whoever beats wins. The best way to hit is with stones. A noble stone is called a hammer. Hitting is raw and rough. A blow is mindless and atomic. Hitting smashes, breaks, hitting separates. A child of hitting is cutting. A bad child. Another child of hitting is thrusting. This child is more likeablebecause it has more sun in the forward. Beating makes a fist, so his actions get a belly.


A work of art is the deposition of all ultimate human experience. There is experience that has been confirmed so that it solidifies as a work of art. The work treasure orientates all beings like a magnetic field from the spiritual. The Werkschatz is the natural Wikipedia of life. Unfortunately there are also black sheep in the treasure of knowledge: they are called factory dirt.

For King Orthos, to rule means to arrange things according to their own inner being. Orthos does not impart its own will to people. The king does not want to force things, but explores their idiosyncrasies and lets them arrange themselves. People, goats and other beings live in Orthos Reich, all standing and walking in their right place. After his death, King Orthos will flow into the water of his favorite river, which eventually pours into the sea. From the sea, his work will continue to orient people.

hunger and thirst

Hunger wants to eat something all the time. Hunger is completely dependent on the object of his desire. But that is exactly what makes hunger so pleasant. He is full of life, some even say that he is life itself. Hunger also has a sister: her name is "" thirst "". But that's only for very crazy types.

Need is the abstraction of hunger and thirst. Need is poor and in need. Need is very secular and always looks the same gray. You can store your needs at any temperature. Need never bears fruit, it always remains lean. Who needs what, goes shopping.

Who needs fiber? Above all, if they only consist of ballast. Burden fillers. They fill the void, but remain hollow themselves. It is the essence that shines.

The Psychosaurus is completely at the end:

An ice power as a figure has raised her arm. A stair of water rolls down from the cold face. The shadow woman's eyes shine like two suns at night. Not for long. Your lights have now gone out. The shadow woman flies into the sky as a black angel. The unknown place is orphaned. Where there has never been anyone, there is no one now. My knowledge of not being is next to the empty space. I am warm, but only as heat, because I have no other body. A scream without a tongue goes around desperately in the empty room. There is only emptiness everywhere, where something should actually be. Where there is nothing, you cannot see anything, especially if you have no eyes. But I see the horror and I don't know why.


A hole indicates a rather round absence. Holes are empty. A hole is often a passage that goes in and out. Sometimes the view goes out through the hole and the view comes in through the hole. Holes are hungry, they would like to be stuffed. The urge of all being is well to be satisfied. Reality has holes. These are so transparent that nobody can see them, not even a physicist with his great devices. The lack of clothing can be seen in naked people. The lack of a gap, on the other hand, remains hungry and invisible. Surface tends to be empty. If this emptiness is filled, the surface disappears quickly, it becomes thin. The esthete prescribes color on the surface so that it gets more self-confidence.


The classic animal has four legs, it "meows" or barks. The term animal is a type case word for many beings who have little in common. Animals do not carry leaves and they cannot build atomic bombs. Animals are backward people. However, one day animals will also understand Godel's incompleteness theorem. - But when?

Nature can be raw and rough. There is also the nature of the dreamers: this nature is people's paradise even before the Fall. The nature of the Germanic Charles Darwin looks like this: A fight of the strong against an even stronger. Our second nature is culture. Our third realm is called artificiality. Nobody likes to live there.

Ice flower

A foreign power from Sweden is made of the coldest ice. This power goes on earth in the form of an old girl named Eisblume. A flower made of ice, a beautiful flower. Flowers are reminiscent of spring, because during this time fresh flowers usually bloom in young warmth. However, our ice flower blooms in the murderous cold of winter. All other people who are also made of ice are enraptured by ice flower. Agnis is also out of the cold, out of burning ice. Agnis sees ice flower and is thrilled. The frigids are always the hottest. Mr. Sumpfstein is a stunner as a seller of ice cream. His ice balls contain explosives, which ignite when he has long been over all mountains. Eisblume sees Mr. Sumpfstein: she gets a shock,the roulette ball is rolling in her head. Nobody knows that the ball will come to a standstill in the compartment of the seventeen. At Agnis it will be the three. Ice balls or roulette balls, balls are all the same. Bullets are the bad bank of fate. And now we break into this bank and free the madness. Everyone is going crazy: Eisblume, Agnis and Herr Sumpfstein are in one box. You breathe insanity: Ah, that's good. Finally they are free!Agnis and Mr. Sumpfstein are in one box. You breathe insanity: Ah, that's good. Finally they are free!Agnis and Mr. Sumpfstein are in one box. You breathe insanity: Ah, that's good. Finally they are free!


Blood flows inside as a thick and powerful heat. Human blood is very personal as long as it still circles in its veins. The blood circles, so it's round. Blood powers in his circle. External blood in the cold and heartless doctor's syringe is already dead. How terrible! Only reptiles bleed cold. Unless the sun is shining on the reptile's green fur. Every vampire knows: When the moon shines, blood is black. You see nothing during the day.


Fire dances with violent flames. Wild burning smashes the durability of the fuel. Heat spikes peck into the room, fever teeth bite themselves. The power of the red storm gives its surroundings an aura of warmth. The fire's embers die to ashes. Fire is impressive, but it borrows its substance from the fuel. His food was eaten faster than cooked, much faster. The warmth of the fire sleeps fluffy in the space of immortality. When heat goes crazy, it becomes heat.


The general shows just as much face as necessary. The special shows much clearer edges. The general is the same everywhere, it is often expressed through the same. In the landscape of everything, the general can be found everywhere. The gray uncle of the general is called average. The general has to adjust to the special again and again, which creates stress. The general gives security when you go on an unusual vacation.

Standing shadow

A standing shadow must always stop, although it can go wherever it wants. If the standing shadow wants to move, the environment moves past him instead of him, he himself stops. The standing shadow can move around and still have to stay in the same place forever. A standing shadow has no company. Of course there are other standing shadows, but they are somewhere else.

Short circuit

The path leads to the goal as long as no esoteric is walking on it. A short circuit shortens the path of life. He quickly follows a path that does not exist. As a result, he lacks experience. Its success is hot and empty and without meat, but the short circuit has a charismatic effect. The shortest route is always a short-circuit, its goal is to be nonexistent. The short circuit acts without growth, it goes without a path. Joachim Ernst Berendt wrote a book: '' There is no way, just go: BE in nature ''. On the way to the presentation of his book, he was hit by a car.


You get afraid that walking might fall over. But walking has it great: it always stays in balance. Standing moves in the corridor. However, lying never runs.


Peak mountains have no problems and are happy that they are so big and big. Heaven is also happy when it receives visitors from the mountains. The big sky also needs conviviality.


The reason is below. It is the basis, floor, base and justification. If you look into the bottom, it becomes an abyss. You can't discover gravity there. Bottom and abyss calm the nerves immensely. The best job for humans is to get to the bottom of things. Only fearful rabbits prefer to do something useful, because the world perishes in a useful way.


The underworld is below the world. It is almost no longer part of the world, you do not know it, which is why it is not comfortable. The dead lie beneath the ground, there is also the source of fertility. How else should all the plants grow?


The cloud is a sheep in heaven. Clouds are always sad. They often have to cry. But they also protect cattle from the aggressive sun. A cloud absorbs people's good and evil. You can tell from their shapes what the hour has struck. Movement and water dance together in the cloud.


You shouldn't put dirt in the salad. Otherwise illness threatens! Dirt is the physical equivalent of sin. A wound can be seen as contamination, because the wound often forms a nasty crust on the edge that looks like dirt. Contamination or stains in turn indicate guilt. Someone is stained. Did we get hurt because we were too imperfect? Or are we imperfect because we were hurt? Or are we guilty of violating something, a law or a person? But we don't hurt! We are perfect and innocent! Anyone who claims something like this is hurtful and therefore guilty.

Sex in jail

The walls of the prison form a heart. Its outer walls are black on the outside and red on the inside. The prisoner Rasputin is no longer the youngest, but also not the oldest, because after all he still has acne. Germania is also imprisoned: Rasputin and Germania go to bed together. Rasputin fears that Germania will contract syphilis. Germania leaves Rasputin. She probably only has to do Pippi for a short time, but she won't get far because we are in the prison of the heart. A prison is a building that you cannot escape. Rasputin stands in front of the mirror and expresses his pimples. The pus splashes on the silver innocence: Completely disgusting, ey.

Rat and atomic bomb

Rats are mice that have become megalomaniac. They best tolerate radioactivity from all living things. Surely one day they will become kings of the earth. Rats kill each other, they are very similar to humans. Rat who can! However, rats are smarter than humans, because they learn very quickly not to eat toxic food if they notice that their peers are killing it. That's why rat poison is not a permanent solution to exterminate these hell creatures. In the Middle Ages, rats were used to torture people; today, rats are tortured in scientific laboratories. It is a victory for mankind! From victim to perpetrator! Cute rats are cared for and cared for in the Indian Karni Mata Temple. In the West, however, there are only bad sewer rats.In China, the rat even exists as a zodiac sign. But the germ-free Psychosaurus says: "We are no longer living in the Middle Ages! Away with the nasty infection carriers! Why don't the politicians do anything? They never do anything! "


You can't touch a kink because it is so far from the row from which it dances. If nothing breaks, there are things. A line goes from here to there. It is so normal that it makes you depressed. Scientists and architects like lines. A line doesn't eat life. The line jams life and gains energy from it to be able to heat the room up to a moderate 20 degrees.


The slope is a slope that slopes according to the popularity of the slope, turns to an angle that corresponds to the slope of the slope. Such a tilt is not arbitrary, but corresponds to the love of the inclined.


Good is a tree that bears fruit all year round. Its wood is made of solid blood; its leaves can laugh. The colorful is good, the gray is bad. The devil eats the good. The good can consist of itself. Evil, however, relies on the destruction of good. Therefore, evil can never prevail.


Salt consists of sodium and chlorine. Standing is on your own two feet, but existence needs a substance as a floor. An existence needs parts of which it consists, it cannot be by itself. The coarsest exists. The term “stock” comes very close to that of substance.

Mouse and bat

Mice have four legs and run the way God does. However, some mice have disregarded their destination and have blown up. They hang out lazily all day (head down) and partying at night (drinking blood and stuff). The mouse as a bat is blind. That is God's punishment for their sins. As a makeshift solution, the flying mice must now see with their ears. It is completely blatant.


Thin women quickly sit on the anorexia dock. Accused of wobbly and fat fellows. If the thin wants to gain weight, then it has to call itself "slim". The thin one sometimes has a more intense effect than the thick one because it can hold a lot of essence in its sweet tummy. Therefore, the thin is often more intelligent than the thick. This does not apply to thin board drills, because they have a thick board in front of their heads.

Pyrrhic victory

My name is Schmidt and I am dead. I lived a sinful life. At my workplace at the Satan & Sons company, my greedy boss turned into a 100-euro note. I sensed my chance for a blissful life after death: I quickly put the banknote in my wallet and painted a crucifix on its outer leather. My boss was caught. Only after his assurance that I would not go to hell after my death did I remove the cross again. Shortly afterwards I slipped unhappily on a banana peel in front of the AOK and fell on the hard pavement with the back of my head. I was dead straight away. As promised, I didn't go to hell, but they didn't want to let me into heaven either, since I had defeated evil,but had not done the good. Now I'm constantly going back and forth between heaven and hell and I don't know what to do.


Fred: Suffering is totally superfluous. Which idiot created the world?

Detlef: Suffering protects against idiotic acts. It prevents you from drinking too much beer. Evil leads to good.

Fred: Isn't that another way? Kind of loving?

Pope: God is infallible (like me), he will know why he created the world.

Mephisto: I am part of that power that always wants evil and always creates good.

Bert Hellinger: On a higher level, evil is also good.

Fred: I live on earth; the earth is a lower level, the higher level is of no use to me. All of this is not very convincing.

Detlef: The sun god also suffered. He died on the cross as a human being and rose again on the third day.

Fred: That is in solidarity with him. I feel much better already.

Allahu Akbar

God is greater than ... God is always greater than a human being can imagine. For safety's sake I don't want to write anything bad about God, you never know. Unless God is the devil. Are evil gods real gods? Or does their existence feed on eating good? If there is only one God, one can really only call him Allah. The two neutral and all-encompassing A sounds flank the infinite L sound. If there are several gods, then it becomes more colorful and loving and also more understandable for humans. Each god among other gods has his own area of ​​responsibility. Allah no longer needs to have 99 names because there are 99 gods. And the hundredth god will probably unite all gods again, so one suspects.The fanatical polarization in good and evil dissolves in the multitude of gods. Sometimes the gods are also called angels, archangels or higher entities.


Garlic is stale freshness. His toes are split. A real personality split has its roots. On the outside, however, the onion demonstrates uniformity. Garlic helps against vampires and witches. The tuber strengthens the blood and makes it so inedible for parasites that even the vampires lose their appetite. The schizophrenic leek also kills physical parasites such as tapeworms or putrefactive bacteria. Garlic splits humanity like cigarette smoke. Some like it: these are the good people. However, the bad guys (e.g. vampires, witches, Nazis, childfuckers, capitalists and Greens voters) feel repelled by his smell.

Contract with the devil

You can quickly become one of the rich and beautiful by making a small contract in the service office of Satan & Söhne: the contractor (Teufel) fulfills every worldly wish. In return, the contractor bequeathed his post-mortem soul to the anatomists of hell for research purposes. The contract is legally valid through a drop of blood from the contractor.


Arnold fantasizes about a plague that comes over the earth and kills all bad people. The good guys don't get sick at all or easily survive the infection. Arnold is of course one of the good guys. How can he be so sure about that? How about if the plague actually only kills the good guys? That would be mean, but typical of the injustice of this world. Arnold gets scared and wants to get vaccinated against fate, even though he knows that this is not possible.

to cut

Consciousness cuts being into things. Cutting is more elegant than stinging, which is why a mosquito bears no title of nobility. Strong souls have the courage to courage, cowards have no blade at all. You shouldn't cut your finger! So folks: just be careful! The color of the cutting is called sharpness. Hot peppers and sex bombs can sometimes be a little spicy, too.


Arms stretch out. The arms begin to bloom in the hands. Arms refine in the hands, the hands are strengthened in the tool. Branches are the arms of the trees.


A border separates one from the other. It starts at the border or it ends. The border forms a vessel for life. The blood needs veins to live. A house limits living by its walls. When living moves out of his house, he drowns in the sea of ​​homelessness.

The plate has a round edge. In contrast to the frame, the edge completes the growth of its owner. A frame is jewelry, it is a compulsion to stop usury.

The term “world” is used to describe the landscape of everything. World can be understood as a murderous greatness. This world has no end. Man's gaze cannot find a stop in the endless streets. A secure world is closed in its edges. There the secure world embraces the boundlessness with the arms of finitude.

bright and dark

Gustav is blind on both corns. His feet can't see anything. That's a good thing, because if you don't see anything, you won't get depressed. Therefore Gustav is happy. There are people who have a blind date. You are too blind to meet. Bats also see black, but they hear brightly. Is the light blind to the dark? Does the dark see the light?

the moon

The moon laughs in the dark. It can be seen in full. As a full moon, he is male. Otherwise, she is female. Or was it the other way around? The moon scurries across the sky fearfully. He doesn't like to be seen; only werewolves, bats and ravens are allowed to do that. The moon rules secretly in the realm of evil, he is the trickster with round cheeks, he is an old love, a shining darkness called the moon. The moon shines most brightly when decent people sleep.


There is only one moment and it is always the same. Only the moment is a moment. The majority of "moments" makes no sense. So there is no time. And yet the clock is ticking. That is why watches are liars.


People cannot remember at all. We see the past from our present moment. Every day you remember a different past. The way it really was is irretrievably lost.

Original cow

In the beginning there was milk. The universe was created from milk, which is why we speak of the Milky Way. The milk came from the udder of the Urkuh, the large MUU.


The freshness sings as light in the moisture of life. Fresh meat is healthier than rotten meat. Fruit juice is fresher than blood, because the animal is rotting in its greed.


Turtles are ancient embryos. They are from a time when there was no time at all. Their matter is also different. It does not consist of the smallest particles, but milder paste as hardness runs in a line from here to there. Real earth never dies.


The wind blows secretly through the ruins of the crumbling castle. Dark walls are empty of events. Firestorms were yesterday, the scars are today. A mouse can write and tells the paper the story of the dead ruin. Birds fly over the red evening sun and disappear into nowhere.


The primal always comes first. The cause, the origin, the primordial soup, the Uranus, the primeval cattle, the ancestor, the primeval forest, the Big Bang, and of course documents and quaint great-grandparents. The latter did not yet know the term dangerous. In Vienna, dangerous means something that is particularly dangerous.

fake news

The earth is flat! If the earth were a sphere, people in New Zealand would fall off the earth. Should NASA stick its fake photos up its ass? They have sniffed too much moon air!


A start can suddenly start like a sprint or creep up like the fog in autumn. Plants germinate and babies are born germ-free in the hospital. A start requires an end: the birth of a baby ends the pregnancy. The beginning does not yet know itself: only at the end does the beginning know who it was.


Children eat children's chocolate. Adults eat adult chocolate. Both products taste like chocolate. You can see: children are nothing special. They are chocolate eaters like you and me. Children don't need to be watered either, even though they go to kindergarten.


A toadstool loves its freedom. It needs rain from above. But the red mushroom refuses to receive God's impulses. The fly agaric would like to keep everything under control. It is even an owner of a whip. Dominance is important to it. Rain falls on the fly agaric. The fungus notices, that there are other things than dominance, but the agaric does not dare to open itself. Then he does it, because he is brave. Fear comes from the top down into the mushroom. Hey this. He is now no longer a toadstool, but a little mouse, who wants to live a middle class life in its cave. But this does not work. The mouse studies philosophy and renews the world and becomes famous.


Martin Luther and Paul were struck by lightning. As quickly as lightning, they became enlightened people. Does a lightning strike improve us? Or is the flash just a short circuit that creates hypocrisy? You would have to try that during the next thunderstorm.

JF Kennedy in Bielefeld

An alleged conspiracy theory says that the city of Bielefeld doesn't even exist. From a certain point of time it was no longer possible for the shadows to cover up the non-existence of Bielefeld. That is why they were keen to present the conspiracy as a mere theory or a joke so that no one would get the idea that the fake of Bielefeld was the bare truth. Fortunately, there is Bill. On July 24, 1963, Bill Clinton visited American President John F. Kennedy in the White House and shook his hand. Clinton exclaimed, "I'm going to be President!" Through this magical act, Clinton stole his fate and identity from President Kennedy at the time. The result: Kennedy had to die. Or rather his lookalike.The real Kennedy was frozen. When the fake existence of Bielefeld threatened to come to light, Kennedy was thawed again. After a cosmetic operation and intensive training in German, Kennedy is today under the false name Pit Clausen the mayor of the shadow city of Bielefeld.

The beards

Sindbart: Hey you, I can see you!

Windbart: Madness! I also you. Amazing when you consider that we both don't exist.

Sindbart: When two people meet that don't even exist, they become real in relation to each other and for each other, because they both meet on the same level, namely the level of nonexistence.

Windbart: You rarely meet anyone like you. You rarely become real. We should take the opportunity to have a detailed discussion about deception and truth.

Sindbart: Great, I'm there.


The sea can allow itself greatness because it keeps secrets. The sea is made up of the trenches of the gods (tears contain salt). The sea is food for the earth. The thirst of the desert has long since dried up, the desert no longer needs to live.

Information society

Arnold Heitermann does not see television and does not read a newspaper. Just the headlines. For Otto Normal, what's current is important, everything else is unimportant. Arnold is interested in the bigger picture, not in the mayflies. In addition, you never know if information is correct. If the heading should say: "Tomorrow the world will go down!", Mr. Heitermann would certainly read the entire information. Such a doomsday can really affect you, for personal reasons alone.


Water likes to move. If nature allows it, then it flows. Water is fresh and sings in itself. Light sparkles with the movements of its waves. Water is everywhere where there is life. Water is unsteady as long as it is not still in the bottom. The water is wet, the water's nudity remains untouchable.


You shouldn't be a frog, not a fear frog. Anyone who is built as close to the water as the frog lives in the soul. Soul and lake are the same water, fish and frog know that. You can't really get scared in the water, only dry animals can. Ask the scaredy rabbit! Not the fear frog! Frogs never get out of puberty. The frog is a fish that has not made it to the land animal: a failure of evolution. It is no longer fish, but it was not enough for monkeys either. Frogs are still green behind the ears, and not only there. Frogs often get pimples, but then they are called toads.

Wild boar

Wild boars jump from the roof of a house in the foggy city of Rome. The wild pigs hit their backs on the pavement below. The wild boar has not broken anything, it grunts loosely and lives on. Such a wild boar is really robust. Your blood does not wither. In powerful strokes, their fire juice pulsates timelessly through the race track of their veins.


Feelings have no color. They are unfaithful bums, their only hold is impermanence. Would you rent your heart to feelings? Feelings are great for quantity and mass, they get stronger and weaker, they come back uninspired like the horses on the carousel.


The width of the world sinks into the depth. Everything goes to sleep and the moon is in the sky. Its silver light flows into the doom. One hand wants to grab the moon and does it too: It crushed the moon. Silver blood, which is equally black, runs down from a sphere that was once the moon. The world trembles.


Death denies life and enables it equally. What should the eagle live on? What should he shit in the back? He can only live by killing other animals. Like man! Vegans are good people. But they too must follow the call of nature. After all, plants are also living beings. Vegans have a vitamin deficiency. Their innocence makes them pale in the face, they are biovampires. Vegans drink the blood of morality. The biggest predator is humans.

The dead television viewer

The television is on and there is a skeleton in front of it. His empty skull bones are no longer aware of the program. Someone turns off the television: The bone man now realizes that he is missing something and gets angry. Only in withdrawal does death realize that he is dead.

meaning of life

The purpose of life is to feed the great agricultural economist. In any case, that is the view of Dr. Lightbrain. He believes the following: from a distant sky, the great agricultural economist sows the seeds of our soul into the soil of realization. Through life experience, the soul germ grows into a productive ear of soul. The great agricultural economist harvested and consumed this ear after our death. Dr. Brainlight is Dr.'s twin brother Lightbrain. Every morning Dr. Brainlight throws up after the whole grain muesli when he thinks of his brother's crude theory.


The sun is the heart of the world, there is more space in it than in outer space. She has a big, shiny stomach. The sun gives birth to the world. The sun eats the world. Both equally. The sun is everything. It's white with old people, it's yellow with young people. The sun has no wrinkles on the face.


A vampire looks in the mirror: a man with black hair and glasses looks out of the silver, he has a pale face. The vampire thinks she looks like a normal person in the mirror. The undead only recognizes itself in the mirror, when it looks directly at its hands and body, it sees no one. This is not normal, not even for vampires. Surely he has rabies.


Plants are green animals that cannot walk. Its leaves are stones of water. The sunlight turns them green. Stone, water and sun suddenly give life. A plant consists mainly of growth, it enjoys its growth. Growing doesn't know genes, it gets to know them every moment. A plan doesn't grow, even if you carry it out. Plants, on the other hand, grow haphazardly with life.


Some thick skulls have already hit their heads with the hardness. Hardness offers resistance and durability. A skeleton is hard. Usually the hard remains hard. However, a penis is only hard at times. - Just why? - The edge of hardness is an impressive line in the room. Edges should not be overlooked, you could hit your head on them. When two walls collide, the collision is called an edge. An edge is therefore the result of a carom. It is therefore not for the faint-hearted. Stones are hard too. A stone is a thing, it has no face, because a stone looks like other stones. In their being, all things are the same. Cupboard, table or toothbrush, all of these are just things. The stones that are everywhereit's called reality. A stone can be used to hammer in other people's skulls. It was important in the Stone Age. Today some stones can already speak, these stones are called "cell phones". If I think about it correctly: There are also beautiful stones, namely gemstones. Dragons collect them.


The collected is dense, sometimes narrow. The collected provides security as a permanent existence. Or it's a burden. The collected is more difficult than the collecting. If collecting is more difficult than what has been collected, one speaks of "hunting".


The superfluous is not integrated in the grown. The superfluous did not get to know the superfluous during its growth. While the overflowing can be rich, it sometimes donates, so the superfluous is not only useless, it also hinders the living substance in its progress. The superfluous is just garbage.


Hugo has a problem. His quirk is that the quirk bothers him on his screen. That drives Hugo crazy. Hugo had a flaw in his face for decades. Standing in front of the mirror, he looked at his quirk until his dermatologist lasered the knob away. Hugo has a quirk with quirks. But only for individual quirks. If everything has a quirk, such as a totally scratched window, Hugo doesn't mind. Hugo really has a problem.


The empty thought feeds his withered snow woman. The gray snow woman is called neurosis. She is completely harmless, she is Woody Allen. You can laugh about a neurosis, because weirdos are funny people. But the old snow isn't really that harmless. No blood flows in the snow woman, but yesterday's snow is bored in it. The old snow goes into psychotherapy. Such therapy is also a neurosis, it is white like new snow.

Couple therapy

Dog and cat go into couple therapy. The therapist is a hyena. Dog and cat want to save their relationship. The therapy fails. Just why? What can that be? Certainly on the therapist, they all have a problem themselves.

No humor

Cheplin laughs in the basement to keep his bodies company. He had to kill a lot of people to get money. The suffering of this world and women is not to be trifled with. Cheplin advocates a general ban on humor for the whole of Germany, exceptions are so-called laughing centers, where people can laugh out loud after paying a humor fee.


Laugh is happy with his lips. Serious laughter gets a laughing fit. Humoresque laughter cannot rise from the sofa of ordinary people. Real laughter isn't funny, it's just happy. Only compulsive jokes tear jokes from the tree of suffering.

totally funny

Isolde: Detlef, with you you never know if you're just kidding or if you're serious.

Detlef: It's very simple: If I'm fun, I'm serious, and if I'm serious, it's just fun.

Isolde: How can I differentiate one from the other?

Detlef: The first is the case on even days, and the latter on odd days. Or was it the other way around? I am totally confused.

Isolde: I'm going crazy with the guy!

Climate change

Otto farts.

Miss Dr. Kackebart-Struller: Otto! Do you actually know what you're doing to the ozone layer? With every fart left, not only your asshole gets bigger, but also the ozone hole. With each fart, methane flows into the atmosphere, which heats up the earth. Don't fart! We have to save our environment!

Otto Struller: You are right, Mausi, quite right. I'm going to the attic now, feeding the pigeons.

in the wild forest

In the wild forest, the roots of the trees leave their soil and run across the country. Calm does not return, but goes on an adventure. It goes over mountains, it goes in the valleys. Sometimes she jumps too.


Rolling or circling is the movement of a round around its center. The wheel is caught. The roll itself does not roll, it remains immobile in relation to its center. If the roll were to move from a circle to a square, it would move freely. The wheel only notices that the landscape is moving past it, the wheel itself stops.

Rest and exercise

Quiet enjoys its identity. One can define rest as the absence of compulsive external movement. There is therefore no rest in the disco. Not on the highway either. Movement from the inside with calm is quite possible. Existence has peace. There is also the compulsive calm of Zen Buddhism. Such a calm is the cultivated death on earth, it is based on the suppression and killing of the fidgetiness. Real calm, however, lives in freedom.


The hummingbird flies to a fun palace where people spin. 52 people without crowns live in the palace. None and everyone is king and fool at the same time. The people in the palace are all hermaphrodite. You could do it yourself if you wanted to. But they are more interested in creating game worlds: they are fun. Spooling is serious gaming. They are joking here with Jojos, the kings. The kings cast their crowns as fools in the great hall under the fountain. The crowns serve as a nest for the hummingbirds. King Purple writes serious nonsense. You can't talk to a man like that.


Work sweats in their no man's land, which is exhausting, because instead of a backbone, work has a chest of appreciation, decorated with pride. Your fulfillment finds work in the heart attack. Those who work can quickly forget their bodies in the basement. Work longs for redemption, but she would never admit that. Work is blind, it does not notice that it is working, it only knows. Christ as Redeemer has long been out. People redeem themselves through work: in psychotherapy, you work on yourself.

True movement is internal. A horse moves itself, but a car is driven by the horsepower of its engine. Movement tends to move in a serpentine manner, namely in waves. Walking, swimming, flying or driving are all movements. Nowadays you mainly get around. You could also move there. But no one can stand it on site. You stay on site.


The wind sweeps Frigg's face. The time is running out. The water disappears into the hole. Everything is running, it is running away. The urine runs, the tears run. Nobody is with Frigg, just the wind. Her feet are covered by thick shoes. How about if she went bare feet? Then the wind would carry them up, and Frigg would be free. Her heavy shoes are the burden of her past. A wind called Wahuna runs through her hair. Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse, glides past Frigga. Frigga is fascinated, she can be put on the horse to the wind god and can be carried freely, barefoot, with no.


The machine does the purest. A machine feels nothing, so it works out of sheer despair. It does all the steps that the blunt workers did in the old days. Handles without feeling and life, mechanics, movement without meaning, only purpose. How nice it is when a machine does the stupid work for us. But the creators of the machines once planted the stupidity themselves. The machines will continue to bully us with their stupidity from the outside. Artificial intelligence is differentiated, but it remains stupid. We ourselves are only a cog of the big world machine.


The owner calls his hands his own. The atoms of his hands do not belong to the owner. The atoms in his hand are only suitable for the shape of his ego on loan. After the owner's death, the former atoms in his hand are suitable for another appearance. The owner feels at home in his hand, he is rooted in his hand. This root is his identity. It is not the hand itself.

The crazy apple

In the apple, peel and pulp live together. Are they both married? Much more lives together in the apple: the spherical, the green, the fruity, its hanging on the tree. The apple thinks: '' I have properties, but I am not my properties. If I look at myself, I only find properties, but no being. '' The apple gets angry at this self-knowledge: '' All kidding! I don't even exist! '' Each property of the apple now goes its own way. The spherical goes north, the green goes south. The fruity to the west, and the hanging of the apple to the east. It is no longer an apple, it never existed. The apple has divorced its fake identity.He was just thrown out of his That-Belongs-To-Me. Where's the freshness of the apple? She is sitting in the pub and can be run!


Poetry means to condense the meaning on its concentrate. However, the writer's poetry is sometimes so sealed that the reader can no longer open the meaning box. Only the author understands the content of the poem while he is writing. And even the author's can is too tight the next morning.


Obviously, what is transparent flies around freely without having to hide. Holes are mainly transparent. Although the see-through can be weighty, it is not easy to see through. The transparent becomes transparent when it becomes clumsy.

to catch

Catch successfully reaches for its prey in the mobile. It is mainly fish that are particularly caught. They are slippery and live in moving water, but can still be caught.


Crimes are only worthwhile if you don't get caught. A monkey comes to the zoo even if it hasn't done anything wrong. A zoo is a proper prison for animals. Some wild animals are imprisoned in the circus. Children sit in prison of their parents' pedagogy. Wives sit in prison of financial dependence on their husbands.

top secret

The secret must not see the eyes of others. It sits alone (or with conspirators) in its bunker and may do the following there: it decomposes, it festers, it rejoices, it turns wrong things, it ignites, it ignites others, it laughs at you, it is afraid, it protects itself, it refuses, or it has a child. The secret: we don't know what it does. That remains a secret.

to fly

Flying glides through the sea of ​​vastness without feet. In flying, top and bottom are played against each other. A bird has power without raping the world. This is genius. Toadstools, however, cannot fly, their wings are enchanted. The wings of the birds stretch into the daring. They are at home there. The wings are the arms of flying, they are by force. A bird can fly freely without colliding with a cat in the air. An employee, however, very quickly collides with his boss or with the seriousness of life.


The light flies easily over puzzles, it just goes past heavy bellies. The light thing tends to be found in the top. Wood floats on water because it is lighter than water. The hot air balloon floats in the blue sky. The light quickly becomes frivolous. Something stupid happens easily.


A snowflake falls carefully. It is quiet. The flake comes from another world. It gives structure to this world, otherwise all magnetic fields would collapse. At the north and south poles, the magnetic field falls into the snow. From the Earth's poles, snow organizes secret changes in the world. Its magnetism permeates the earth's inhabitants and makes them heavy citizens.


Protection is a fine thing. Protection is the first thing you need: constitutional protection, hall protection, crop protection products, data protection and thought protection. You haven't had a visit from Mind Protection yet? It will come, just wait.


Digest chews and chews and chews. Digest chews ever finer until the food is so fine that it can be integrated into your own meat. However, the food always remains a bit toxic. The earth is poisonous. It is not our home. Animals can digest better than humans, they live closer to the earth.


What we stand on is called earth. Sometimes it's called floor. Standing and earth are firm. Earth can also mean humus or stone. The substance of the earth is particularly striking, it is dense and heavy. The floor is peaceful, the floor is stupid. The great great mother has no face. Does she have warmth? Roots reach into the earth, they also understand the earth. Roots are one with the calm of the earth.


Bees live in the thick of matter, inwardly. A bee goes outside where it is cold. It falls dead as a snowflake. The bees have expressed their inwardness as cold flakes. As long as the snowflake is frozen, it is Christmas tree time. If the flake thaws, the loneliness is naked. Slurping the nectar, the bees connect all parts of the world and master gravity, they chew gravity. The nectar was a book that had not yet been read. Not even by its author.


Heaviness is usually large in quantity. In the lead, however, heaviness is small. Heaviness powers. It has an effect only by its mass, not by its color, because heaviness is far too dark to be colorful. The heavy does not understand the funny. Only in sugar can the funny and the heavy sleep together. Does gravity come from above or from below? When heat becomes stronger, it becomes gravity. What about the stone that you can't roll? Is it too heavy or too firm? It is too brutal! Heaviness is softer than the brutal. Is it easy then? That's how it is!


The wind runs disembodied over trees and houses. The power of the wind is not visible, only its effects can be seen. The wind blows away the stock. A dandelion blows in the wind, the ashes alike. Wind is very fleeting. But it always blows.

Cracks in the brain

Property is unique. It is peculiar to his thing. Quantity is relative, it is always measured from the comparison. Quantity has no owner. Isolde has a big belly, but she doesn't own the fat. Everything superfluous has a lot. It doesn't matter how many cracks Einstein's brain had. It is the brain's characteristic, not the number of its cracks. You can't compare apples and pears, just their weight.


The fragments of the stones are called sand. Sand fragments are so small that they form a unity again as a community of the isolated. The sand is then felt as a whole. The whole thing is crying, but the sand cannot cry because it is too dry. Stones have neither blood nor water, not even as sand. The tears of sad giants donate salt water as the sea. That is why sand is often found as a beach where there is sea.


People only exist in the plural. A person cannot be alone. Man as a herd animal becomes '' people ''. A crowd consists of people. The blood of the people is the blood of their clan. A person, on the other hand, has his own blood circulation. With the old Jews, the blood of Abraham runs down to his late grandsons. People and archaic peoples have their identity in the group, not in themselves.


Babylon was not a baby: it was too big for the tallest. There are also skyscrapers in New York. But these must be destroyed by terrorists because they want to scratch God. You dance for the golden calf, for economic growth and the cosmetic surgeon. When will God's anger finally come and sweep the sinful people into the trash can?

smallest particles

Fred has gained unauthorized access to the large particle accelerator near Geneva at night and is now crawling into the round ring: he sees bright green particles flying by.

Fred: Hello particles, can you speak too?

Green particle: I have a headache, which is bad because I am only a head. Since the physicists discovered me, I can no longer really weave the world. Even politics is getting out of control.

A red particle flies past: it sticks out its tongue, which is even redder than the particle itself.

red particle: I light the money under my ass. Usually money is just information. My fire gives value to information. A triangle flies by, it has an eye on its forehead.

Triangle: I am the largest particle there is. Really small particles only exist in the hell of physics. The little has no reality. The more comprehensive things become, the more real they become. - Fred is just amazed.

Chaos is a confusion that creative extraterrestrials use to get out of mind protection into the world unstopped. Chaos is colorful. Chaos removes the garbage from the past. Chaos dances and don't know what for.


In writing the language speaks silently in the sound, but bright in consciousness. Writers are the sculptors of certainty. Writing is always written, even while writing. The writing is final and lasts longer than good wine. The word writes through all times.

to dance

Dancing is daring. Whoever dances is insane. Dancing can also be cool if you are a reckless person. Thinkers shouldn't dance. The dance shatters her clarity of mind. Desperate for lack of love food, the insanity as a tiger eats the corrupt order of evil: Sweet Miezi make Fressi-Fressi!


Drops of tears fall from the sky. They gather on the earth to a brook that swells to a river. Erwin sits in a canoe and paddles through the teardrop. The river flows uphill. Fires burn in honor of Wotan on the right bank of the river. On the left bank is a tree with a stone bird sitting on it. Erwin continues paddling uphill in a canoe. Now it is snowing. The canoeist sees a snowman on the bank between the pine needles. The snowman's eyes are alive, they are the eyes of a potent teddy bear. Erwin continues to paddle up the river. Someone on the left is playing the harp. God is close.


A woman in black with colorful splinters fights with the cool. They fly together over stars, under stars, between stars. The life of the Titanic appears in its sinking. A paper folding boat floats casually in the water, it drifts cautiously towards a swamp water spring: Peng! Ash falls from above. The Eyjafjallajökull has finally burst.


On the contrary, fit is found as love. As a related thing, Fit complements one and the other with similar service. Everything fits together in one structure. Beer, cigarettes and ashtrays are on Mr. Alki's kitchen table. That makes sense, it fits. Mr. Alki's kitchen table is a structure. Hinz and Kunz are in the big world catalog together on the Internet. Hinz and Kunz are only connected by their mere existence. The internet is not a structure, but nonsense.


A thing is gray in its being; it is nothing more. Things are impersonal. The faceless world machine of things rules the earth: the internet of things. Things pile up to the world thing. Satan has long had the world in its claws. Living things are not spoken of because they move themselves. However, a young thing can move itself. It's a thing.


A measure can be the right one, lovingly baked by friendly gods. As a teacher, a sick measure sets limits to the pupil out of power. The pupil is then full, his life is backlogged, and industry can generate electricity from the dam.


All of this is an addition of many things to the limit of restlessness. Is this all the whole thing now? The whole thing is at least a round thing. As expected, the whole thing should shine on its edge, but it remains gray there. Then the industrial priest says: "The whole is more than the sum of its parts!" Even after this sentence, everything does not shine, more cannot be seen. The whole remains the bare addition of everything. There is only one more in this book.


Nothingness is the world of all non-things. A cup is not a chair. A dress is not a cloud. Not to mention the dog: A dog is just a non-cat like the sparrow. All non-things come together in the world of nothing. Some say that nothing comes after death. Do you want to live there among all the non-things? It will be pretty tight in the closet of non-things.


Enjoyment needs more than what is necessary. So enjoyment is related to happiness. But while happiness is a gift of life, enjoyment is arbitrary. Enjoyment lingers and stays. Enjoyment is greasy. Pleasure is lust that has overeat. Enjoyment does not think, enjoyment is too sluggish for that. When the intestines digest more than it needs, it's happy. Satisfaction is a sweetener, but sugar is happiness.

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